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West Morrison “Bee” was born in the sign of Taurus; a simple man that loves nature. As a kindred spirit, West has traveled the world in search of his god and peace of mind. Experienced living in Europe, SE Asia, and America, he settled in the Ozarks of Missouri. Skilled in editable wild plants and mushrooms, he has learned to collect many medicines and foods from the wilds and woods of the Ozarks and SE Kansas. West is also a beekeeper and enjoys looking for rocks and fossils. On May 22, 2011 everything would change, as a tornado devastated Joplin Missouri. From that disaster, the “Healing Heartbeat of the Ozarks” drum circle was formed. West learned basic drum skills and be came a part of that healing drum circle. That brought him in contact with like-minded musicians and healers that he has learned from in his travels in this life. Being a member of “Amanita”, is a dream come true for Bee. Peace and Love.